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    Hesychia - inner stillness.
    When you pray you usually utter words addressing God.
    In a silent prayer it is not the uttered words that matter, but your attitude to God. Therefore, a person who is looking for a true relationship with God may reach through a particular approach, a state of inner peace and repose, and then in this infinite peace and boundless repose he finds God and stays with Him.
    How does that happen?
    As a start let us use the traditional approach and begin with a short verbal prayer, which is called the Jesus Prayer: “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God, have mercy on me”. Pronouncing the name of God or in this case the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, you call Him to your life. This has to be done over and over again until you really feel His presence. In ancient times monks have done that thousands times a day, but I advise you to put sincerity and love in your appeal and very soon you will feel the presence of God. You can combine the uttering of the prayer with breathing to enhance the effect of your appeal. While breathing in you utter “Lord Jesus Christ, Son of God,” and then while breathing out you finish with “have mercy on me”. Later on we cut down the sentence to “Lord Jesus Christ, have mercy on me”. I want to note that the sentence itself must reveal our attitude to God not just uttered. Thus, you continue to shorten the sentence by leaving out some of the words, so that the sentence becomes “Jesus Christ, have mercy on me”, then “Jesus Christ” and then just “Christ” and finally you lapse into silence and there is only the feeling of open attitude to God. This openness is God’s connection to you. Right here you sink into silence and listen to the wordless voice of God. Now your relationship with God is very real and true and it is up to you how long you will keep it alive. The most important thing in this process is that the prayer should not be a simple utterance of words or a concentration of the mind; words need to come from the heart. Going further into that process, you have to hold your attention inside you, in the region of your heart, as long as possible, but without straining. Just to note, you can do that no matter where you are or what the position of your body is or whether you are/are not performing some physical activity. Let this process in yourself take its natural course. Later on, as an effect of the silent prayer in this live relationship with God, the uncreated light of God will arise. First it will arise inside you, then outside you and your view of life will change. You will see the world around you in a completely different way. You will see how God’s grace is poured upon all flesh. When you see this uncreated light within you, relax, bathe in it, feel it, and surrender to it. In the beginning you will feel weightless, as if swimming in water. Plunge into this light, and what will happen at the end of this journey is that your eyes will open and you will see your entire inner world as never before, more real and more genuine, more alive than ever. When you go into your inner world, thence you can go anywhere in the universe and even in the kingdom of God, though you will already be there. And the barriers of time and space will be removed.
    We may talk much longer about how the Jesus Prayer would change us, but our task is to start doing it right now and to reveal in ourselves the likeness of God embedded in man since the creation of the world.   
    Now you can attain the mystery of Theosis - deification. This means that you can reach full communion with God and partake of the Divine nature.
    Rejoice, you can now be one with Him, who has always wanted to be one with you.
    Being Divine has been our right since the day of our Creation
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